Let go, move on, and discover more happiness, peace, and freedom!


A 12-15 minute VIDEO LESSON that will motivate you to move on from your breakup

A COACHING WORKSHEET that will clarify your scattered thoughts and emotions

BOOK RECOMMENDATIONS that will inspire you and change the way you think


Cate USA

Eric's great energy and focused teaching style will leave you inspired and educated. The resources he offers -- books, concepts -- also are top-notch. Many were new to me, though I've done a lot of work around relationship issues. Highly recommended for lovers and learners, whether young, middle-aged or beyond.

Dawn USA

Eric teaches how to really drop into our feelings and move through them instead of bypassing them with blind affirmations. This Challenge helped me look at how my breakup was affecting other areas of my life. I will go back to revisit the lessons for greater insights. Thank you!

Chandi Sri Lanka

I learned how to let go of what I can’t control. Now I'm responsible for my own actions and intentions. I’m learning to focus more of my time and energy on living in a way that reflects my personal values instead of trying to control other people. I highly recommended the Breakup Challenge for those who really want to be happy and have peace.

Trena USA

I found the 3-Week Breakup Challenge to be refreshing, thoughtful & enlightening. I feel lighter. Sometimes all you need is to know that you're not alone and that it's gonna be ok. Will you be all better overnight? No. But as for me, I see the light at the end of the tunnel. Thanks Eric.

Elizabeth USA

I can honestly say I really enjoyed this Challenge; it opened up my eyes and my heart. I have now learned to let go and value myself and wait for a guy I deserve. Thank you for helping me, it’s been a tough journey! I appreciate it.

Ade United Kingdom

The Breakup Challenge has helped me learn how to move on after 26 years of marriage and a two-year separation (her moving out and moving on) while l have been hopefully waiting for reconciliation, drinking and smoking, and believing I only had one soulmate. Got a kick in the butt. Much appreciated!


Eric Ibey

Eric Ibey is a Certified Personal and Professional Coach and member of the International Coach Federation. He is the creator of the 3-Week Breakup Challenge and founder of the Montreal Breakup Recovery Group. Eric is also a writer, adventurer, and fierce baldness advocate.